Mechanical Services

Mark Contracting Offers a comprehensive range of mechanical works including Marine
Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine Strip down and Overhaul, Equipment
repairs/renewals, Steering gear, Shafting and Propulsion Machinery Repairs and
Ship Control Systems repairs/renewals.

We provide services for the following: Diesel Generator Engines Oil Purifiers,
Agitator Gear Box, Air Compressors,Screw Pumps,Reciprocating Pumps,Multidtage
Pumps,Stripping Pumps, Windlass Winches ,Coolers & Heaters

Piping Services

Mark Contracting has tremendous working experience in Pipe Fabrication, Installation,
Commissioning and Drawing Preparation. We are capable og handling various
types of Marine Piping systems. The team has developed a
very unique style of managing productivity right from workshop layout
to installation process as we believe the importance of proper
planning in installation.

Installation of new pipes for systems like CO2 air,Water,
Fuel,Gas,Foam,Hydraulic, Boiler Ballast& Sea Water pipe lines.
All types of High Pressure Renewals.

Steel Fabrication And Welding

Mark Contracting Steel has the capability to tackle a wide range
of jobs from specialist repairs to large scale Heavy Fabrication
projects. Our collective experience and expertise in ship repair, Steel
Fabrication and Maintenance work has Firmly positioned us at the
forefront in this industry.

Renewal works of Hull Steel, Main Frame,Bottom Plating, Deck Plate, Hatch Cover Steel
Renewal, Oil tank.

Plating works are also done .

Ship Building Services

From design to construction and through-life support,
Siyana can deliver all the technical services and industrial resources
you need to meet your highest expectations. Our full-service
solutions provide you with better value, higher quality and the
reassurance that every detail is right.

Scaffolding Services

Established in the year 1992, Siam Scaffolding Services executes its
major work in Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard(ASRY). We are
specialist in erecting & dismantling Scaffolding systems in all types
of vessls.

A full service proposition is offered from design to supply
and inspection of scaffolding(including structure,platform and sheeting

Electrical & Instrumentation

Mark Contracting offers a comprehensive range of electrical & instrumentation services,
you can rely on us for the hifhest standards of
work, carried out by our directly employed, experienced and fully
trained workforce, strictly in accordance with all current approved codes
of practice and legislation.

Development of custom made ships electrical instruments, installation of jack
and modification.

Career Development and Job Training

We are constantly developing our specialized manpower by executing periodical
training courses to maintain the standards of our workforce and
achieve their persinal goals.

Job mastery skills are neccessary to successfully perform one’s career
contributes to self confidence. We have obtained quality and system
certification of International Marine Agencies Associated with Shipping.

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